Starting out in Philippines over 10 years ago, Calzen Pharmaceutical Distributor has established itself as the leading healthcare distribution solution specialist in the region. Serving all different locations in Philippines, we are constantly evolving our quality services, IT systems, facilities and management in order to create enduring market partnerships based on trust, open communication, responsiveness, vision and top results.
            In the past 10 years, we have built up extensive experience in our distribution networks, meeting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace through continuous innovation, efficiency and forward-looking management. We combine extensive local market expertise with global vision and the latest technological developments to provide dedicated, cutting-edge distribution solutions to the healthcare industry. All of our staff operate in strict accordance with rigorous quality management standards and set industry benchmarks for excellence.
            Our mission is to be Philippines’ premier partner for distribution of healthcare products. Calzen Pharmaceutical Distributor corporate culture is founded on four major components which form the basis of our relationships with principals and customers and our internal organization.
Trust                Integrity and Trust-Building throughout the organization
Quality            Our Dedication to High Quality and to Raise Industry Standards
Innovation       Our Pioneering Spirit enabling us to drive forward
Transparency   Delivery of cutting edge services through open communication and transparent processes